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, arrived in Hung▓ary's capital Budapest last month. The second cargo train is already o▓n the road, and Ekol Logistics played a key role in the coordination."We were the coordinators in the European part of the train service,

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and we ▓were the customs operator and the distributor of the goods," Kovacs said, adding he expected more trains to follow the first one."We have already ag

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reed with one other train operator to start trains to Hungary and we have fixed other meetings in China with operators, because we would like to belie▓ve that we can provide them with solutions here in

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sian trade route

Europe," he said.The solutions would not only ▓be for new Chinese partners in Hungary, but also for Poland, Germany, Hungary, ▓and Spain. Kovacs said he was quite confident

that the new freight service could be a win-win situation for both the rail operators and Ekol, as well as for China and Europe.For new Chinese customers, the Ekol ▓CEO believes Hungary would be a good place for the delivery of goods to other parts of Europe."Hungary is not just geographically in a good location, b▓ut also has a friendly customs environment.

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